Wifi Protected Setup (WPS)

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WPS is a feature most often found on home wireless routers; however, due to a large overlap in the home, small office, and small business markets, the feature has crept into some smaller corporate environments where wireless networks are setup using more commodity hardware.

WPS can pose a variety of risks for wireless network security. The PIN-based method can be vunerable to brute force attacks over the air. Other types (e.g. push-button methods) would require physical access to the router.

Capabilities and Risk

This would allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access to a wireless network, thereby allowing for additional access into the network and systems attached to that connection.


WPS settings can be confirmed by examining the configuration of your wireless router. Button-based WPS methods will have a button located on the router.


Disable WPS on wireless access points. If a device cannot disable WPS, default PIN values should be changed. Physical access to the router should be limited and secured to prevent local, physical attacks using WPS.



reaver -i [monitor interface number] -b [ESSID] -v
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