WPAD Enabled

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WPAD (Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol) affects any system that has "Auto Discovery Proxy Settings" turned on but it is on by default in Windows. This

Capabilities and Risk

  • Steal credentials while on the same network as the user affected
  • SMB or HTTP relay of credentials to NTLM based services
  • Code execution when used in conjuntion with PSEXEC


Wireshark looking for WPAD requests on the wire.


Windows has per-user and per-system proxy settings making this a very difficult setting to fix enterprise wide.

Using the reference on craig-tolley.co.uk you can set a VB script to run as a Logon Script that will disable this setting.


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  3. http://www.craig-tolley.co.uk/2011/08/30/disable-automatically-detect-settings-in-internet-explorer/


Scenario 1: Credential Stealing

Code and screen shots of this happening

Scenario 2: SMB Relay to PSEXEC for code execution

Code and screen shots of this happening
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