Default Credential (Printers)

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Most enterprise printers and many SOHO devices ship with an interface allowing for remote configuration of the devices that are located on the network. In many cases, the security of these systems will be overlooked due to a lack of security understanding about the capabilities of these devices. This can allow printers to act as a means to gain network details and to potentially gain access to sensitive information being printed.

Capabilities and Risk

Many of the capabilities and risks depend on the features of the printer. More advanced devices will often provide details of the documents printers, including potential username information. Some printers may have "advanced functions" that can provide additional network information.

  • Gain access to printer files and configuration
  • Execute programs from the printer by loading custom firmware images
  • Read files on the printer and potentially intercept printed files


Printers with Web UIs will most often standard http/https ports (80/443). Additional functionality may also be exposed through the printer ports (e.g. HP JetDirect port 9100).


Printers should have all web interface passwords changed to strong passwords. Additionally, it is important to ensure that only SSL is available for login when the option is available.



Standard web interface used for accessing UI and entering passwords.

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